NY Route 30: The Adirondack Trail: NY Route 421 to Horseshoe Lake

NY Route 421 to Horseshoe Lake

From Junction NY Route 30 to End

Long Lake
Tupper Lake
Horseshoe Lake Topographic Map & Mount Arab

Horseshoe Lake in Fall
Horseshoe Lake in the Fall

This interesting little state route begins about 1 1/2 miles north of the Franklin County line between Long and Tupper Lakes. You turn west, or left, if northbound on NY 30. Then you go north along the southwest shore of Tupper Lake by South Bay and Paradise Point. There is a great parking and picnic area by the Bog River Falls 3/4 miles in, which is a great swimming area. Please keep it clean! It isn't marked, but you are now in the Town of Piercefield, St. Lawrence County. Then after a couple miles, there is a sharp 10 MPH hairpin turn by a stone mansion and the road goes up a steep hill, use low gears both ways, it's a very tight piece of road. Then after a few miles westbound, you'll come to Horseshoe Lake. There are marked campsites all along the lake where parties nine or less can camp for three days. The state route ends after seven miles but the gravel road continues for another .7 miles along the lake, accessing more campsites. Then it crosses the Adirondack Railroad and it turns to the left and goes for miles into the woods. You can get to the Bog River and Lake Marian. If you turn right after crossing the tracks, there is a handicapped accessible campsite and new latrine under some huge pine trees.

Past this campsite, the road is blocked with large stones. But you can walk past them and access some more older campsites. There is also the remains of the old railroad car and maintain shop, where you can camp too. If you use it to camp, keep it clean! There's a great big concrete slab there to build fires on. There is also a nice little beach on the lake and the remains of an old boat launch, now blocked by those ubiquitous boulders. It is a good place to hunt, camp bear the lake but go way back on the sand roads to the more remote ponds.

Bog River Falls in Ice
Bog River Falls in Ice, 12/08/2005

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