NY Route 30: The Adirondack Trail: Northville, Sacandaga Park, Northampton & Benson Great Sacandaga Lake

Northville Village, Sacandaga Park, Northampton & Benson

 Northville Bridge and Great Sacandaga Lake
Street map of Northville
Wireless Hotspot The Northville Public Library has constant wireless access with no pass code. They even have a pavilion, with electric outlets too!, behind the library on a beautiful yard facing the lake. The library is a block south of the high school on 3rd Street. That is the 2nd right after you cross the bridge off of NY 30, just past the school. Though they cut off the internet access between 9 PM and 8 AM due to complaints from neighbors about inconsiderate night internet users. You know, the kind of jerks who keep their car idling and music up high then leave a load of fast food trash on the ground as a gift

Northville also has reasonable cell phone coverage. The next town with reasonable cell phone service north is Speculator.


A Note About The Great Sacandaga Lake

When they made this huge reservoir they flooded thousands of acres and drowned many homes, farms and a few villages back in the 1920's. So as some recompense, The Hudson River-Black River Flood Commission gave local residents leases on the lake front, even if they lived far away from the lake. Over the years, most of the lake frontage got leased out. Technically, this is in violation of the Adirondack Parks forever wild charter. These lease holdings do have the weight of private property rights. My rule is that if the lake front looks unused and undeveloped(no docks, chairs, fireplaces, etc), it's okay to use for swimming and fishing, as long as you respect things and don't leave any trash, etc. There will be little black & white signs from the Hudson River-Black River Flood Commission marking out the lease holdings. Also, Northville is very stingy about their crummy town beach, restricting it to residents only, unlike the rest of the 'Daks. There is a great spot to access the lake: Go up NY 30 about 1.2 miles, north of the bridge and over the causeway. About 1/2 mile south of the county line, there is a little peninsula just before the water meets the road grade. There is a gate at the end of a dirt track where you can park your car. The water there is fairly shallow, so the boatheads won't be racing there. Also, the spillway south of the village center on Main Street is another good place to fish or swim. Another point of confusion, there is a Sacandaga Lake in Piseco, west of Speculator in Hamilton County. The only thing they have in common is the river that feeds it.

Northville Lake Placid Trail BeginsThe Northville Lake Placid Trail Begins in Waterfront Park

Northville is located right off NY Route 30 in northern Fulton County on the Great Sacandaga Lake. Old NY Route 30 ran through the village center but now NY 30 is routed on the west side of the Great Sacandaga Lake and you must cross on Bridge Street to get there. The present road to Hope, Old Northville Road, is old NY 30, f.y.i. It was both a logging and tourist town for a long time. The Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville R.R. brought tourist up, from the New York Central & Hudson River R.R. mainline in the Mohawk Valley at Fonda, to the Adirondack Inn and other establishments that were built around the tourist-railroad trade in the last half of the 19th Century. Now, that line has been abandoned and part of it is the bike trail in Gloversville. The railroads themselves ran many of the inns and ran special trains for summer vacation, fall foliage and hunting season. Northville is famous for being the starting point for the Northville-Lake Placid Trail hiking trail. (Actually, the trail is NY Route 30 & CR 6 for twelve miles to the actual trail head in Upper Benson.) Northville still has small town charm, but it has a grocery store, pharmacy, hardware and a small department store as well as the many small inns and restaurants catering to the tourist trade. It's main appeal is the Sacandaga Lake, which supports a lot of boating and fishing. See this link on the history of the town, Click here!

Bridge from NY 30 to Village over Great Sacandaga Lake The Bridge into Northville over Great Sacandaga Lake from 30

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