NY Route 30: The Adirondack Trail: Constable, Trout River to the Quebec Canadian Border

Constable, Trout River, Canadian Border

(From Junction NY 121 to the NY-Quebec Border)

Flat farmland near the Canadian border Flat Farmland Near The Canadian Border

Then after you cross the bridge, you turn left, northbound, then one more left while still in the village. The land is rolling prairie, very bleak but not without it's rugged, weatherbeaten appeal and beauty. It can be exhilirating and depressing at the same time, it has the edge-of-the-world feel to it. The roads are good, and since it is flat and farm country, there's a good network of county and town roads to boot. One town in Northern Franklin County has more public road miles than the whole Adirondack Parks part of the county. But it is a depressed area with many abandoned farms, stores & homes near the border zone, not an area that attracts tourist and outdoors people like the Adirondack Parks.

The land has short, second generation tree growth, mostly birch and ash, or it's flat farmlands and meadows with only a few wooded hills. There are many streams leading into the St. Lawrence Seaway-River across the flat fields. The hunting and fishing is good up there. Not many people want to make the drive or endure the climate to make it crowded. In the old days, our NY Route 30 border crossing was a major way before they built I-87 - The Adirondack Northway, I-81 and the Peace and Cornwall Bridges. Now, it is a depressed area where even the duty free shop is only open part time and boarded up businesses are all around. Land and farms sell for a song here! With the Canadian dollar worth about 87 US cents now, there's less incentive for Americans to come and shop in the Canada, which was a big deal for the border towns. Constable hamlet is five miles south of the border with the last gas and food before Quebec, but not all night. NY 30 northbound turns left, then right through Constable hamlet. Trout River is next and is an international hamlet on both sides of the border. But the better half is in Quebec. Our old friend, NY Route 30 now becomes PQ 138, which goes into the south end of the City of Montreal across the Honore-Mercer Bridge. From customs at Trout River, it's about 50 miles northeast to the City of Montreal through southern Quebec.

Trout River Customs Trout River Customs

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