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About NY Route 30

Please patronize my sponsors! They are good people and run their own small, often family, businesses. Many are unique and internationally famous. Most folks in the 'Daks won't begrudge you the use of their water, bathrooms, or parking lot when your out "sleeping around" on state land, just ask first. But like your webmaster, we all have a bottom line that has to be met. Prices and services are great in the 'Daks so help all of us out and spread the wealth!

Some Facts about NY 30 and New York State:

New York State is easily the best value and shortes trip for any type of outdoorsman be it snowmobilers, backpackers, hunters, fishermen, rivers, etc. It packs more state land and public access points than New England and Pennsylvania combined. Our hunting and fishing licenses are great deals because they entitle an outsider to access all the state lands. The Adirondacks have 6 million acres, which 60%, or 3.6 million acres, are state land open for all to use. NY Route 30 goes straight through the Central Adirondacks which boast more wilderness, less people and lower prices than the High Peaks-Placid-Saranac region or the Northway, I-87, Lake Champlain corridor.

The area code from Amsterdam to Canada is 518. Amsterdam to Long Lake is served by Frontier Telecom, the rest is served by the all-mighty Verizon. There are 46 counties in NYS, I cover four of them: Montgomery, Fulton, Hamilton (the only county wholly in the Adirondack Park), & Franklin. All counties are divided into towns, usually with rectangular boundaries. Villages are located in towns, but are incorporated areas with their own definite boundaries, cops, 30 mph zone and government free from the surrounding town's laws. They are just like small cities. The road goes through three villages in the park: Mayfield, Speculator and Tupper Lake and goes right by a fourth, Northville. Tupper Lake is the biggest village and junction on the route in the park. NY 30 also goes through Malone Village, but that's not in the Adirondack Parks. Indian, Blue Mountain, & Long Lakes, Lake Clear, Fish Creek, Wawbeek & Paul Smiths are hamlets, which means they are settlements with a special speed zone, down to 35 mph, maybe a street lighting and fire district, but unlike a village, the town controls things. They don't have definite boundaries and are less densely populated than a village, but they are civilization, so behave yourself and no hunting or camping nearby.

In case you know NY Route 30 South from Amsterdam, it's a beautiful challenging route as it winds through Lower Montgomery and Schoharie Counties to it's end in East Branch, Delaware County on NY 17. It skirts the western fringe of the Catskills. It follows limestone cliffs along the Schoharie and other creeks, good for trout fishing. There is great hunting around the rich farm lands. I'm not slighting that part at all, but I'm concentrating on my first love for now! What gets done should get done right and I'm carrying the load solo.


It came to me in a flash one day, driving back to Latham after hunting all day and seeing a noted local merchant's web address on his banner sign outside. That's what we need up here to get things going, some website run by a dedicated webmaster, designed to promote all the outdoor activities in the NY Route 30 corridor! Most people don't realize just how long and remote this stretch of great two-lane highway is, or that it ends in the Southside of Montreal, PQ. It covers more wilderness area than any other road in the northeast United States. Even if they hate nature, it's fun to drive. I'm trying to boost tourism, travel on the NY Route 30 corridor, from Amsterdam to Montreal Canada. This is not only a business venture, it's a labor of love, a personal travelogue and a bet that the future will be better. It was a great summer and hunting season and Old Man Winter is coming on hard. I've had a fantastic time but what a winter. My old Escort finally bit it. The right rear strut tower blew threw the right rear speaker but I nursed her back home on the Northway. My car now is an all wheel drive 5 speed Eagle Summit. It's a mountain goat compared to the Escort, which says a lot 'cause that Escort went through places most 4 x 4's would venture.

I didn't dream that I'd ever being traveling around promoting my site in person five months ago. Now I'm cruising NY 30 in the spring thaw drumming up business. I've learned 10x what I thought that I knew about life in 'Daks, especially the Central Adirondacks. This site will work! Even if I only break even, I will keep this site going for at least as long until anyone who paid will get their one year worth.

The State's DOT is working on the Adirondack Trail Corridor project which will improve the road, increase access to the outdoors and fund beautification and tourist venues in the towns. The state is also working along with the Adirondack North Country Associates on this ongoing project. The state is doing this to many other state routes for the same reasons. From Speculator north you can see the "Adirondack Trail" signs in brown and gold under the NY 30 state route badge on the signposts. According to the state's map, the "Adirondack Trail" will follow NY Route 30A out of Mayfield though Johnstown-Gloversville to Fonda, instead of going into Amsterdam on NY 30. But I consider all of NY 30 & 30A north of the NY Route 5 as the "Adirondack Trail" and I cover it all.